Monday, November 26, 2012

Stay at home momma with some cash on the side.

I really prefer the term Domestic Engineer instead of Stay at Home Momma. I feel like SAHM gets a bad rap. Not to mention, as much as I stay at home, there are many things outside the home I do.

But I digress.

If you know me, you probably would call me hippy or granola. If it is natural, I am all in.

I was introduced to Shaklee by a friend from Illinois who I knew a long time ago. She gave me a sample of this super sweet non-toxic cleaner called H2. And I tried it. It was rad (see blog post). So because it was so rad I started doing some research on the company. And boy, it was a life changer for this DE.

As I did the research, followed up by lots of questions to my friend I found out that things like allergies, asthma, infertiity, cancer and other various diseases have been linked to toxins in our environment. Simply changing the cleaners in  your home can have a huge impact on not only your health but your families.

With my mom being a nurse I have always been big into prevention. I began realizing that traditional medicine (while it does have its place) only puts a band-aid on symptoms and does not treat the real reason why you have the symptoms you do. I was sick of taking my prescription meds for my migraines that made me feel like I wasn't myself and I constantly had the same question over and over: How can I feel healthy and continue to prevent illness in a safe and NATURAL way, especially for my daughter? Shaklee was my answer.

The reason why I do what I do: this cutie.

I found taking the toxins out of my home and switching to Shaklee's Get Clean line begin to reduce my migraines. Adding my multivitamins with Vitalizer and adding a natural anti-inflammatory and natural anti-histamine of Alfalfa helped even more. When I feel like I am getting sick I take Defend and Resist Complex or Nutriferon and I feel better faster than I would have before! I found I loved the company and it's amazing products so much I decided to work for Shaklee.

Working with Shaklee not only helps my own families health, but I get to continue to stay at home with my daughter Hayden. I love being a Domestic Engineer and I love working for Shaklee. With Shaklee, I get to do both because I can work wherever and whenever. I can work when she is in her johnny jump up playing, or at night when she falls asleep and I am in my comfy clothes! My team is an amazing support system of other moms including a nurse and nutritionist and we are all in constant communication while consulting with clients. I love how easy it has been to fit Shaklee into my daily schedule AND I get to provide for my families financial goals of the future. Most of all, I love being to help other families in their journey to health and wellness.

Interested in being a Domestic Engineer and working for Shaklee on the side? Email me

Want to get it on these bodacious natural and safe products? Click on the Shop Shaklee link up top. For more info you can email me as well!


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