Friday, November 9, 2012

Ode to 3 am.

3 am and I know each other really well.

We have watched Downton Abbey together, ate mass amounts of food together, surfed the net, read books, and while 3 am might enjoy me, I am not so much into 3 am.

I have experimented with everything in order to get Hayden to sleep through the night. You mention it I have tried it- switch from this diaper to that diaper, move this feeding to that feeding, give her mass amounts of oatmeal to fill her up right before bed, or even, I know, let's keep her up alllll day, and she will FOR SURE sleep through the night, right? Nope.

If you are a mama, I know most likely you feel me. You have done it, you are doing it. Still the wake ups, still the neediness. 8 months into it and the only sleeping through the night is a complete fluke.

I have just faced it. 3 am needs to be something I enjoy. Time to embrace it. Because several months from now, when my daughter begins wean, I will want 3 am back. And when she finally is fully weaned, I will whine for 3 am back. And when she is 18, I will cry for 3 am back.

Every moment with your kiddo is an awesome moment, even the 3 am ones. Just keepin it real, one day at  a time.

So 3 am, I'm cool with you.

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