Saturday, November 3, 2012

The poop scoop.

Today I am going to write about poop. Yes, I said it, poop. That dirty four letter word.  I'm choosing to write about this subject because while at most, I think it's hilarious; it truly rules my life.

Ok mommas, raise your hand if you think your child's pooping runs your life just a tad. No? Really!?!?! C'mon......

Like, you know, when you don't want to leave yet because your child hasn't pooped yet and you don't want them to blast out in the carseat for fear of leakage? Or you are on your way out the door and they poop at that exact moment and you know you can't leave them in the poop because the diaper won't hold anymore. Or the all time favorite, the blast out onto the wall while you are all by yourself and need both hands to clean it up, but your kid is on the changing table.


I'm going to be honest, from the day we brought home our little poop monster until she was about 4 months old I attempted to figure out how poop could rule over me a little less. How does such a petite lil girl get her bowel movement from her bottom all the way upher right arm? How was that possible?! How was it that every time I put her in the bouncer, the bouncer became KIA? I knew there had to be SOME way to keep the poop IN the diaper!

That is when I decided to experiment with cloth diapers. For most families, cloth diapers seem ultra gross and scary, but I am going to be honest, that is a common misconception. I have actually delt with more gross poop situations in disposables than cloth. When I switched over to cloth it would keep the poop in, and soak it up. Total awesomeness. The laundry may seem scary to some, but if you have enough diapers, you really only do maybe one extra load.

And from one fashionista to another, they are cute! Hayden has diapers in Dr Suess prints or pretty in pink to match her outfits.

Oh yeah, we spend 25 dollars a month on our water bill, and thats all the money that goes to diapers!

So if you are trying to keep the poop explosions from exploding out the sides and up the stomach, I vote cloth, it will save you time and grant you sanity.

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