Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veterans Day

Freedom is not free.

In 2009, I married a United States Marine. My friends thought it was romantic, and he definitely looked handsome in his uniform, but my life changed then and there: not just because I was getting married, but because I married a Marine.

Everything quickly flip flopped in my life. I was suddenly extremely aware of the sacrifice that our military men and women made. How heartwrenching it was to miss someone that was gone for months, or even a year. Mothers and fathers missing the birth of their child. How precious every little second was. How hard these men and women worked.

And for this, I am thankful. These people are willing to die to keep us safe.

And it doesn't end on the battlefield, or in the fleet. In May, the unemployment rate for young veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan was 12.7% while the national unemployment rate was just at 8.2%. When these men and women fight for us then leave active duty, they have to fight for themselves just to get a job.

I urge you to take one second of your day today and any day to thank a veteran. Call them. Write them. Clap for them in the airport. Send a random package. Because it means more to them than you know.

I also want to give a shout out to my favorite charity, Wounded Warrior Project. It is an amazing charity that has grown throughout the years, and to be honest, most wounded warriors to not recieve the proper aid and care they need from the government, and WWP has done some AMAZING things for these men and women. As WWP says , the greatest casualty is being forgotten. Let us never forget these men and women.

And if you are a servicemember reading this post. THANK YOU.


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