Monday, December 3, 2012

Skinny babies unite!

Ok, heres the deal: Babies come in all shapes and sizes. Whether is be long, wide, narrow, short, big, chunky or lean, every baby is amazingly and awesomely  different. I absolutely love that babies are different, that no baby is the same and they grow, talk, crawl and walk at different rates, but I never thought I would run into issues with having a "banana baby."

Banana baby is the term used for a baby that is long and lean. When I had Hayden, I expected a  lil roly poly baby, bc when she was born at 8 lb 5 oz, I didn't expect anything else. But alas, I have the kiddo in the fifth percentile. And I am totally awesome with it because after all, you can't put a baby on a chart....

I totally just put this pic in because I thought it was cute...true story.

But the PROBLEM with having a skinny baby (which there shouldn't be...), is everyone else, and everything else.

The Doctors: Your baby is SO petite. I bet you aren't producing enough milk, supplement this chid with formula! (I was a big ol milk factory producing way enough...)

The people: Awwww, your baby is SO precious. How old is she?
Me: 9 months
The people (eyes bulging like I am a horrible parent) Really?!?! She is WAY too small to be 9 months...

The clothes: Yes, my child is constantly drowning in the whatever brand clothes out there and you have to constantly search for a better fit that is always more expensive. Shoes? Try finding a pair of shoes for a 9 month old with newborn feet....

These are both 9 month sleepers, one is a common brand and the other is can guess which one Hayden actually wears...

The diapers: Once again, even cloth diapers are made for the average baby. Had to have mine special made....

But the true moral of the story is this: We are fearfully and wonderfully made. There is a reason we are all made different. So whether your baby is small medium or large...who cares?! After all you are the mother with the instinct. You are the mother who KNOWS what your child needs. And don't let the Drs beat you down. Mommy knows best.

So on this day, skinny babies unite! (and all babies for that matter....)

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  1. Hayden looks perfect to me! But of course, that is coming from the mom of a 20 month old that weighs 22 pounds & is 35 inches tall! Keep up the good work! In my opinion, happy = healthy! :-)