Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Too cool for school.

I actually love school. I am a nerd for life. If I could get more degrees, I totally would! But the whole point of the title is that...

Moms are cool. So cool.

Here is the thing about being a mom. We can get away with anything. No, I am not talking about speeding tickets here (actually, pretty sure it is possible to get away with that as well, as long as there is a crying/pooping kid in the vehicle). I am talking about how awesomely different we are.

Because as a mom, we can show up things with spit up on our shirts, in our pajamas, and it's like, whatever, shes a mom. Poop on your white cardigan? No big thing, you are a mom! Did you wear that outfit yesterday? Who cares!

My ultimate favorite about being a cool mom is peoples reaction when I put makeup on. "Wooooooooowwwww, you look greeeeaaat!!!" (as opposed to when I normally look raccoon eyed and haggard? Yeah, its true). It is like all the sudden I am a supermodel! But I know I am not, it is just that everyone is used to staring at those epic dark circles.

Other reasons why moms are cool:

We can multi task 4 different things at once, including nursing a baby while making your breakfast while occupying your toddler and talking on the phone with your hubster.

We don't need to take a shower every day and we figure out ways to do it without smelling funny.

We can change  poop explosion diapers with only one wipe left.

We really only need one arm and we can do anything.

We know how to fix a boo boo without a band aid.

We teach our children how to read, how to walk, how to run, how to love, how to help, how to make change in our world....

An there is more where that came from.

So remember moms, you are cool AND you are making a difference in your child's life. So keep on keepin on! GO MOMS!

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