Monday, December 10, 2012

Diaper Gymnastics

As each month goes by and Hayden gets a little older, I notice how drastic the changes are. One moment your baby can't sit up on their own and FLASH they are doing it without you. I suppose this is how the rest of my parenthood goes, right?!

And so drastic has the diaper change been. Gone are the days of the sweet moments on the changing table where your child calmly lays while you change them with a sweet smile. Gone are the days at the restaurant bathroom changer where you only need one hand to multitask and even if your child pees in the middle of the change, you can still fix everything with that one hand.

Hayden has become an official contestant in the diaper gymnastics. If you don't know what the diaper gymnastics are, your child has not become a contestant yet.

Individual Competitive Events

The Layout: You lay your smelly child to be changed and you look away for one second only to find your child has already turned over and is looking at you tummy time style.

The Twister: While attempting to unsnap the diaper your child twists and turns to reach for the nearest shiny object.

The Foot in the Poop: As you have the dirty diaper open and are trying to clean your child up they squirm and kick and BAM! There goes the foot, smack dab in that poop....

The Runaway: Your child is finally all cleaned up and you are ready to put the clean diaper on and FASTER THAN LIGHTENING your naked baby is crawling away....

Some prime examples of Hayden competing:

While the diaper gymnastics have mostly been challenging, they always make me laugh and my favorite part of all is when my husband is with me...

Me (changing the diaper): Could you hand me a wipe please?

Hubster: Foot in the poop, FOOT IN THE POOP!

Glad he's got my back!

Coming March 2014: The Potty Training Olympics

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