Friday, December 14, 2012


Jeans are a great invention, one of my favorites even- you can wear them with a shirt, sneakers and a ponytail or dress them up with high heels and still feel beautiful. Three cheers to Mr. Levi Strauss.

Since I have become a mommy, jeans have taken a bit of a backseat in the closet. Why you ask? YOGA PANTS.

Yoga pants are the new jeans. No, I can't really dress them up with high heels at all but....

-I can get spit up out of them very easily.

-I know that when I bend over to to change my child's diaper, no crazy cracks will show (you all know what I am talking about.....).

-They will not restrain me when I need to run after my child.

-I go to sleep in yoga pants, I wake up in yoga pants and oh, yeah, I don't have any time to change....

-One word: COMFY.

-They will still fit when I get pregnant again.

-Because of the awesome "adjustable fold over panel" I can hide any kind of wobbly bits I may have .

-Last, but not least, they are cheap. At target the other day I found two pairs of yoga pants for 20 dollars. It used to be that my jeans were at least $120 for a pair. So, if you are reading this late at night, and you are really tired, that means essentially I could get 12 pair of yoga pants vs 1 pair of jeans. That my friend, is a bargain.

So moms everywhere, don't be embarrassed about those totally tubular yoga digs you got going, throw in some downward facing dog, strut your stuff and be proud, 'cause you are a mom on a mission.

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