Thursday, January 17, 2013

Zero Dark Teething

"An Epic Teethunt that has lasted 10 months"
                           -MMY Times


                                                 "An endless ride of mommy adrenaline"
                                                                         -Mommytainment Weekly

"An experience you will NEVER forget"
                         -The Family News

                          "A timely and important reminder of the agonizing price of teething"
                                                         -Motherly Post

"Don't expect to sleep after the viewing of this film"
                       -The Family Planner

"So inspiring, you will buy an amber teething necklace at 3 am"
                          -TV Time-out

        "One of the years best films, an authentic account of the dark side of teething"
                                                      -Ring Around the Rosy

                                    "Don't ever say I didn't warn you"
                                                 - The Duggars


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