Wednesday, October 24, 2012

We voted!


Or isn't that always what us mommas want to shout when we are stuck in traffic with screaming children or last in line for the bathroom. Seriously, mommas should have special privelages for moments  like that in life. At least my grocery store has parking for mommas with kiddos (mental note: write them a thank you).

As the election is nearing, I put on my sharp momma cap and the lightbulb went off: VOTE EARLY. That's right, if I vote early, then on election day I don't have to deal with the crazy lines. Because while most people just vote on their own, I have my sidekick with me. So if you are a momma with your sidekick(s), you want to make the most of your time outside the home.

So off we went, Hayden in the front carrier, license in hand, ready to go. Because at the maximum I was pretty sure this event would only take 10 minutes. Easy peasy lemon squeezy right?!

WRONG. Apparently every body else in Harris County had the same idea as me....yikes. The line looked like it went on for at least an hour, and for 2 whole seconds I thought about turning back. But if you are a mom, you know that once you get the kiddo out of the car seat and into the apparatus, you most trek on.

So we did. And we waited in that line for 30 minutes, while chatting with multiple other voters (ooooo, look at the baby!)

Personally I would not recommend voting with your kid strapped on to you. It sounded like a brilliant idea but by the time we got to the voting booth  Hayden was in the get me out of this kangaroo pack lady I want to go home stage. At that point, to at least attempt to calm her, I took her out of the front carrier. While voting with my one hand, crying kid on hip, I attempted to read the incredibly long instructions on the computer: not easy to concentrate whatsoever. Then add your child trying to press the buttons for you while everybody stares at you because you aren't "all together and your child is upset". At that point you just end up voting one straight party because you don't have the time to sit there and read everything while your child is crying and all you want to do is make her happy.

The conclusion to this experiment? Next time, Dad is babysitting while I go to vote. Then Mom and baby are both happy!

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